We are proud to have developed a website for a non-profit organization Alrahma Masjid . The website was designed to provide a platform for the community to connect with the Masjid and access information about its services and events.

The website features a clean and modern design that is easy to navigate and use. The homepage includes a clear and concise overview of the Masjid's mission and values, as well as information about its services and events. The site also includes sections for information about the Masjid's history, facilities, and community programs, as well as a resources section that provides visitors with helpful tools, such as prayer timings, Quranic verses, and Hadith.

The website also includes a user-friendly interface for creating and managing volunteer accounts. This allows volunteers to access their volunteer history, view upcoming events, and sign up for volunteer opportunities, all in one place. The website also includes a section for news and events, where visitors can learn about the latest developments and upcoming events in the community.

Overall, the website has been a great success and has helped the Masjid organization to improve its community engagement and support. The website has become a central hub for the community and has helped to increase participation in the Masjid's programs and events. The website has also helped the Masjid organization to generate new leads and expand its community base.


  • Client
    Alrahma Masjid
  • Budget
  • Duration
    15 Days

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